Food Does Not Match the Exquisite Views at Wilshire’s in Georgetown

Seniors attending prom expected more from their pre-dance dinner.

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Seniors attending prom expected more from their pre-dance dinner.

“I was disappointed with my meal especially because it was just a simple burger. I was really hungry, so I dealt with it but at the end of the day I just wanted lettuce and tomato. This was my Senior Prom and it was the most tasteless burger I have ever had. Thankfully, the dance was not as dry as the ground beef patty that laid in front of me. But I will give credit to the friendly staff and the surprisingly tasty fries.” Erin Oliver is not a picky girl, but after hearing this scathing review, one might assume she has high expectations. However, after such a lackluster meal, there really is no room for pleasantries.

This past Saturday, my friends and I attended our last high school dance, the Prom. Unfortunately, Prom season conflicts with Keeneland traditions, making it near impossible to get a reservation last minute. Due to this popular Kentucky custom, we were unable book a table in Lexington. Our group ended up at Wilshire’s- a restaurant located at Cane Wood Golf Course in Georgetown. The golf course itself was beautiful and the sun setting in the background made a very picturesque scene.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was immediately drawn to the many windows allowing sunlight to stream in through the restaurant. I noticed a few other Prom groups there as well. After sitting down, I was instantly made aware of a vent blowing straight on me that continued throughout the whole night. This is obviously not a major deal but mixing an annoying blast of air with my nagging hunger did not marry well.

After ordering our food, we waited another forty five minutes for our meals to come. I ordered the Grilled Mahi- Mahi Wrap. My date, Ben Gerken, ordered the fish and chips. Senior Erin Oliver ordered the burger and her date, Rich Hamlin, had the salmon. Katherine Childers waited expectantly on chicken salad while her boyfriend and date, Samuel Martin, requested the country fried steak. My friend, Reagan Newman, got the Spinach Artichoke dip and her boyfriend, Aaron Haggard, ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with Mac and Cheese.

By the time the food came, I was ravenous. I was very excited for my wrap because it’s not something I typically order. However, the wrap was extremely anticlimactic. There was barely any fish on it and the sauce was so bland on it that I began to dip my wrap in ketchup for some hint of a flavor. The wrap was not hot nor cold but weirdly lukewarm as if it had been sitting out a while. Our table was thoroughly unimpressed by our meals, especially after the long wait we were forced to endure.

Senior Reagan Newman complains, “The wait was not worth the quality of food. Since it’s a golf course and food isn’t their main focus, it wasn’t that big of a let down, but I was expecting better. “

After suffering through the long wait, a tasteless meal, and a pestering vent turned on high, it’s safe to say I will not be returning to Wilshire’s anytime soon. Looking on the bright side, I will say the whole ordeal has taught me a good life lesson- to never make last minute dinner plans.