Making Money on Movies Over the Weekend

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The opening weekend for Shazam! surprised many, as it was by far at the top of the charts for North America and Warner Brothers made 53 million dollars from the comedic superhero. However, this is quite a bit less than other comic book movies such as DC’s Aquaman that opened at almost 68 million. This does not come without reason though. Trade magazine Variety reports, “While Shazam!’s domestic opening weekend is on the lower side for a traditional comic-book movie, it was significantly less expensive to make compared to other films in the genre that are heavy on special effects.” The owners of Warner Bros. and president Jeff Goldstein do not seem to be too worried. Shazam! was meant to be fun.  Making money off of it is just a little bonus. The other DC Comic movies such as Batman v. Superman or Wonder Woman were dramatic movies that had a dark feeling to them. This movie appealed to a different audience. From children to adults of all ages, this was a movie for all of them to enjoy.

In other news in the movie world, in the same opening weekend as Shazam! the first Avengers: Endgame tickets were sold. Shattering the records of any advanced ticket sales before, social movie ticketing app and website Atom Tickets reports , “Endgame sold nearly twice as many tickets in its first week as Aquaman, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Avengers: Infinity War and Captain Marvel combined.” What does this mean for Marvel Studios? Lots and lots of money. We may see a movie of almost $3 billion gross revenue, and it could possibly beat out Avatar for the top spot of all-time grossing movies. As we approach one week away from opening night, no one is quiet sure on what to expect.