Spring Break

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It is finally here: the week you have all been waiting for. Spring break! The question of the week that has been floating in the hallways: “what are you doing for spring break?” Every year, our students either stay home or take exciting trips with the school, friends, or family.

Everybody enjoys going to the beach. This year’s most popular vacation spot among seniors especially would be Destin, Florida. This is not an uncommon destination; during Destin’s peak tourist times, there are more than 25,000 non-residents in the city. Several of LCA’s students are taking advantage of the time to go somewhere with warmer weather and traveling to various beaches to wind down from the stressful school year. The baseball team is going to Destin for a tournament where they play against teams nationwide. Another popular destination for students also happens to be in Florida, Disney World.

Chamber choir students are flying out to Ireland to perform for Europeans who appreciate the arts.  Some students are staying home, though, to relax fully and enjoy time with family. Whether you are enjoying a staycation or a vacation, we hope everyone has a fun and safe spring break.