Movie Theater Complaint

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About a month ago, right after the Oscars, an issue arose as to whether Netflix and Amazon Prime originals should qualify for Oscar nominations. Lots of Hollywood directors and actors/actresses have taken strong positions against opening nominations to Netflix productions. Their biggest argument is that they claim Netflix is ruining the movie experience. Well, I hate to break it to them, but movie theaters are the absolute worst today. I have personally enjoyed going to the movies my entire life. Growing up and seeing movies like, Dark Knight, Baby Driver, Dunkirk, and Dark Knight Rises have been some of the best movie experiences in my entire life. But to be honest, movie theaters have started to suck ever since the rise of Netflix.

Hollywood people say that movie theaters will go out of business if Netflix is allowed to receive nominations from the Academy of Motion Pictures. In fact, theaters are ruining themselves. Here are my reasons why movie theaters suck. Before you even get inside the theater, the customer has to deal with one the biggest problems with going to the movies: the over priced tickets. This past week, I went and saw the movie Us. The tickets cost $12! I know that Us is a very good movie, but it sure is not worth the price of $12 dollars. In fact, no movie is worth that much, especially when a standard Netflix subscription costs only $11. By just seeing one movie, I am paying more a month than my own Netflix subscription. After paying the over priced ticket, I then have to pay for the overrated and over-priced popcorn and drink, not to mention if I want a candy that will go with it, which will cost an extra 5 dollars. So by the end of the night, I’ll have spent approximately $30 bucks when I could have waited a few months for the movie to come out on DirecTV or Amazon Prime when it only cost $6-$5 dollars.

Now that I have my over-priced ticket and food, I can finally enjoy movie. . . .  Wrong! Now, comes the worst part of seeing a movie in theaters: the other people seeing it with you. People in a movie theater treat it like their own home where they can say whatever they want, clap whenever they want, and get on their phone whenever they want. You may also have to deal with little kids screaming the whole time, people kicking the back of your chair the whole time, people laughing at things that are not funny, people commenting during the middle of the movie out loud so everyone can hear them, and of course, the person who sits up front, directly in the middle of the theater, decides to be on his phone the whole time with his screen brightness turned all the way up. You may think I am exaggerating when I say this, but this happens to me almost every time I see a movie with a packed audience. The constant distractions from other people take the focus off the movie. Instead of enjoying the movie, I am distracted the whole time and I cannot focus on what I came to see.

Movie theaters have good qualities, don’t get me wrong. There are times when popcorn and candy sound amazing and I get to see the movie on the IMAX screen with quality sound. But I can easily turn the lights off in my house, turn the volume all the way up and watch a movie on my 34 inch TV. I can pop my own popcorn and relax comfortably in my house and get the same movie experience. There are many reasons why movie theaters are going out of business and Netflix and Amazon are certainly part of it.  At one time, there were drive-in theaters and they went out of business because of newer and indoor theaters. Times change, and there is nothing wrong with Netflix or Amazon. Hollywood needs to come up with a better reason for the Academy should not nominate Netflix movies, because guess what, movie theaters suck and it’s their own fault.