‘Shazam!’ Brings Light-Hearted Superhero to the Screen


A new DC comics character will hit the big screen next week, Shazam! Before getting into the details of the movie itself, it is worth it to review a quick history of the character in the comics. The character first appeared under the name of Captain Marvel (no not the one you know) in the 1940’s because the publisher, Fawcett Publications, wanted have a big name character very similar to Superman. National, or DC comics later sued Fawcett, because of the similarity to Superman. The name then went to public domain, where the newer company Marvel Comics began to use it. DC later took control of Fawcett in the 1970’s and the company began to use the character, but under the name of Shazam.

The backstory of Billy Batson (Shazam’s name when he is not a superhero) is quite interesting as well, and his list of powers is very extensive.  He was a foster child when he first received his powers from a wizard. This ancient wizard was also very powerful, and he tried to find the perfect human to assume his powers. The source of his powers comes from six elders, and he gets a different power from each one. These elders are also the source of his name. S- Solomon (wisdom), H- Hercules (Strength), A- Atlas (Stamina), Z- Zeus ( Power), A- Achilles (Courage), M- Mercury (Speed).

The movie itself is set up to be one of the biggest hits for the DCEU (DC Extended Universe). So far, it has received a Rotten Tomatoes Score of 92% ( the highest score to be released on April 5th) and many other good reviews from viewers and critics. It will be a different route than the DC movies usually take, more light-hearted and fun compared to the past. Shazam! Will be released on April 5th, and is expected to make millions in the first weekend.