Strenuous Mueller Probe Comes to Unsettling End

Erin Oliver, Editor

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Americans have been bombarded with headlines involving the Robert Mueller Probe for almost two years now. Even though the ongoing investigation it has finally come to an unsettling end, no significant conclusion has been found.

What exactly prompted the investigation? Due to the highly controversial and heated 2016 presidential election, people were shocked that Donald Trump had won office. Many of those opposing the outcome insisted on an investigation as some evidence pointed to Russian collusion with the election. They believe Russia meddled with the election in order for President Trump to win office. Because then candidate Trump seemed to have civil ties with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, there appeared to be enough evidence to open an investigation.

Robert Mueller began the investigation as being named special counsel by the U.S. Department of Justice, who also obtains the title as former FBI Director.

During the drawn-out investigation, 34 people and three companies were charged criminally due to their involvement to the probe. This long list of criminals include past media headlines such as former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn, Trump’s political adviser Roger Stone, his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, as well as Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and deputy campaign chair Rick Gates. Many Russians have been charged as well. Currently, there have been seven guilty pleas and one conviction due to their supposed colluding with Russian intelligence.

The majority of the nation that despises President Trump remain furious over these convictions, and at times have threatened impeachment of the President. They find it puzzling that these close colleagues of his have been charged but that Trump himself has not been charged or concluded to be involved in the scandal.

So what was the conclusion of the probe? The investigation ended without accusing the President of having conspired with Russian government towards the election he won in 2016. But, despite the two exhausting years, Mueller has declared he will not come to an ultimate conclusion. Republican attention has been renewed as the favorable outcome came about, but many feel disappointed that the matter is still not completely settled.

Mueller has said he will be “concluding his service in the coming days” while a few members of his staff will assist for a period of time on closing operations.

While the President seems to be off the hook for now, the national debt is not.

“The total reported cost of the Special Counsel’s investigation through September 2018 was $25,215,853.00,” stated in a tweet from the Republican National Committee. Although the total cost is not publicly known from the end of the prob, it is apparent of the intense expenses that occured.

So why was all this enormous amount of money spent? Mueller hired an immense number of aid, including 19 lawyers, who were assisted by 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants, and other professional staff. Each reporting period also cost about $8.4 million, which would mean the total spending would reach the whopping number of about $34 million.

The RNC claimed that the Mueller investigation would “go down in history as one of the widest ranging and most expensive Special Counsel investigations ever”.

Although the $34 million investigation led to the arrests of several involved, the Democrats were still unable to get what they wanted. If the intent of the investigation was to discredit the President, but no true outcome was actually obtained, was this strenuous cost worth the trouble?