Boston Reigns for Professional Sports


Is Boston the most winning city of all sports after the turn of the century? Yes , Tom Brady, quarterback to the New England Patriots, had to backpack the rest of the city since the Bruins (the city’s NHL hockey team) is so terrible. The Red Sox baseball team has rebounded from the 100-year curse of being so bad. The team has won four championships since the turn of the 21st century. The Boston Celtics basketball team has had good luck creating a balanced team with good chemistry and a good leader. The only downside to the Celtics having such good luck, is that the team has only won one series in the 2000s. By contast, the New England Patriots, who play in Foxborough just outside of Boston, have won 6 championships in recent memory. The Boston Bruins have only won 6 championships in their history, incuding one Stanley Cup in 2011.