Switching Roles at the Sadie’s Dance

A large group of students gather for pictures before the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

This past weekend, seniors Cate Crosbie, Rosemary Cruse, and Haidyn Chudy hosted the Sadie Hawkins dance for the upperclassmen of LCA.  Although this event is not sponsored nor approved by the school, it has become a tradition for interested seniors to take on the task of putting on the dance themselves. It has also become an event that many juniors and seniors look forward to.

This year, the night was filled with pictures, fun, and dancing. The venue was Mane on Maine, which is located downtown in the Chase building. Junior Slade Howard stated, “I think the seniors did a really good job planning Sadie’s, but they should have thought about the location a little more because the UK vs. Tennessee game caused a lot of traffic.” Despite the traffic, most agreed that the location for the Sadie Hawkins dance was beautiful. Junior Davis McIintire said, “I had a great time at Sadie’s this year, and I loved the decorations. I really liked looking out on the city from the 15th floor.”

The concept behind the Sadie Hawkins Dance actually came from an American cartoon strip by the name of “Al Capp’s Li’l Abner” in 1937. Sadie Hawkins was a character in that particular comic strip and she inspired Sadie Hawkins Day, which gave women empowerment in a time where women felt as if they had no voice. Over time, Sadie Hawkins Day led to the present day tradition of Sadie Hawkins dances, where girls ask boys to the dance. Each year, a group of senior girls plan the dance for LCA upperclassmen. One of this year’s organizers,  Haidyn Chudy, 12, said “I was with Cate and Rosemary, and we decided that we wanted to help in some way. We looked at the calender and saw that February 16th was the only free date on the school calendar. When it came to locations, everything we looked at was already booked or cost $4,000 and over. Finally, we found Mane on Maine, and from then on we designed tickets and planned decorations. We had a lot of help from parents, and specifically Rosemary, she was the biggest help.” Nonetheless, the dance was such a fun event for the underclassmen, hopefully next year will be just as fun.