Senior Lunch At Last

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The anticipated privilege is finally here- senior lunch is this Friday and it could not come at a better time! Eagle seniors have had it pretty easy this week- no school on Monday due to President’s Day and no classes on Wednesday due to the other grades taking the ACT. What better way to end a slow week than by having some time off school to get lunch with your friends?

Senior Hope Marcum seems as if she is looking forward to it. “I really enjoy senior lunch! It is a great opportunity to spend time with my fellow seniors and make memories that will last a lifetime.”

This upcoming senior lunch is especially exciting since the last one was in November. There is also no senior lunch in March as the seniors head to New York City for their senior trip. Seniors are definitely going to treasure this memorable time as they share some of the last moments of high school with the rest of the grade.

Restaurants such as BurgerFi, Bella Notte, and Chuy’s are notorious picks for senior lunch due to their convenient location and tasty eats. However, because First Watch- a popular daytime cafe- has just opened it seems as if it will be a hopping spot this Friday.

Senior Rosemary Cruse seemed very appreciative of the special tradition. “Senior lunch is a tradition I’ve looked forward to all of high school. Having the opportunity to make memories with my friends once a month, while also being able to take a small break from school is a win-win! This month my friends and I are planning on going to First Watch which is right by school and has amazing breakfast food!”

Senior Erin Oliver also planned on eating at First Watch this Friday. “I am so excited for senior lunch after not getting it for such a long time. I am looking forward to the time and fellowship at the new First Watch with my friends.”

Although there may not have been as many senior lunches as the seniors would have liked, it’s safe to say the upperclassmen cherished this time. Senior year is chock full of different activities such as trips, Prom, and college decisions. Therefore, getting time to relax and spend time with your friends at lunch really makes an impact. It’s in these moments that time seems to slow down, some of the last laughs of high school are shared, and a part of the most lasting memories of high school are made.