Seniors Serve While Underclassmen Test

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On February 20, LCA hosted the ACT for juniors and the practice ACT for freshmen and sophomores. The test is designed to reflect what students have learned throughout high school, and it provides colleges with information for recruiting, advising, placement, and retention. Since most seniors finished with testing due to college application deadlines, they were not required to test today.

Instead of testing, seniors got an opportunity to serve. Originally, Spiritual Life Director Adam Ray had planned for them to build flower pots for a new garden where the old playground set used to be in front of the Sixth Grade Academy entrance, but torrential rain prevented this from happening. This didn’t stop them from doing God’s work. Last week, senior Haidyn Chudy came up with the idea to visit the Children’s Hospital and give the children cards and get well bags that included a stuffed animal, a children’s book, and a handmade card. Seniors made 100 cards and fifteen get well bags all while growing closer to one another – whether it be laughing at Mr. Seamand’s jokes or deciding who made the best cards. Then, a small group had the opportunity to deliver them to the children and the children’s families as well as take pictures of the precious moments.