Young Conservatives Plan Involvement in Upcoming Campaigns


Nathan Maggard, 11, addresses the Young Conservatives Club.

Last semester, Junior Nathan Maggard, founded the Young Conservatives Club and is the current president. Junior Brennan Graham is the vice president, Senior Cate Crosbie is the communications director, Junior Matthew Noss is the Secretary, and Senior Gracie Elliot is the Chaplain. When asked to describe the club, Nathan stated that, “The Young Conservatives Club, is taking everyone at the school who has the same conservative values, and getting them all together in a group so we can all accomplish conservative things, like we can support candidates, we can write letters, we can do volunteer opportunities, and through all that we can hopefully strengthen each other’s views on why we believe what we believe, and show it in a more positive view than it does in the media.” The club had its second meeting on Friday Feb. 8, where they discussed what candidates they wanted to support in various current political races. Junior Alec Amburgey said that “it was pretty well put together, since it was student led, and I think it would be a good idea if we had debates with the Young Progressives Club.” The Young Conservatives Club, is opening a new door for students, and giving them new opportunities, that they didn’t have the chance to have before, and bringing students who have similar morals and beliefs together.