What to Know About Passion Conference 2019

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What to Know About Passion Conference 2019

Erin Oliver, Editor

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Worship during Session 5 of Passion.

“Passion will be one of those moments that I’ll always remember from my senior year. It was an amazing experience and I was completely blown away with what the Lord was doing even on the first night. The worship was incredible, the speakers were authentic and compassionate, and I could feel me drawing closer to the Lord every passing minute. Passion is not just three days of what seems like a mundane and stale church service but a genuine glimpse of what I assume heaven will be like” (Senior Julia Lawson).

The Passion Conference is a two and a half day long trip driven towards 18-25 year olds. The mission of this conference is to motivate college students to become Christ driven leaders in their schools and push them to pursue God with their whole heart. Contrary to popular thought, 2019’s Passion Conference was held in four different locations, The State Farm arena in Atlanta, the Infinite Energy Arena also held in Atlanta, The Anthem arena in Washington D.C., and the Theatre at Grand Prairie in Dallas, Texas.

The class of 2019 seniors who participated on the trip attended the Infinite Energy Arena and consisted of Julia Lawson, Erin Oliver, Ella Wilson, Madeline Pulliam, Grace Slatery, and Emily Goddard. Chemistry and physical science teacher Mrs. Payne chaperoned along with LCA Alumni Emily Orrender. Their arena contained about 10,000 people.

The conference began after a six hour bus ride at 7:30. There was a total of 6 sessions, each beginning and ending with worship. The conference has its own band, affectionately titled the Passion Band. Each year, the band writes brand new praise songs and performs them for the first time during the first session, and are sung several times throughout the rest of the two days.

The first session consisted of speaker Louie Giglio, who is the founder of the Passion Conference, which began in 1997. Him and his wife Shelley introduced several of the speakers and are well-known throughout Atlanta, as well as the entire nation. His sermon discussed the issue of suicide and anxiety within the current generation, and how to tackle it with scripture, as well as bringing up the root of the issue. He then spoke about the issue of divorce and fatherless homes, and how they are more common than not. Gospel singer powerhouse Tasha Cobbs finished out the night with convicting worship.

The next day began at 9:30 with the second session. Chad Veach, a young pastor of the Zoe Church in Los Angeles, spoke discussing Christ as people’s anchor. His contagious smile conveyed a genuine joy for his audience and spoken words. 

Session 3 began with Christian rapper Lecrae, bringing an exciting and energetic vibe to the arena. The speaker following his performance was Matt Chandler, the lead pastor of the Village church in Flower Mound, Texas as well as the President of the Acts 29 Network. Matt broke down the story of the woman at the well in a powerful and personal way, making the audience perceive the story in a different perspective. 

Gary Haugen, who is the founder of the International Justice Mission, spoke during session 4, following the performance of the band Mosaic. He discussed a deep faith everyone should aspire to have and brought out a guest speaker from Kenya, who had endured a pain stricken life but was renewed by Christ.

After this session, a long break for dinner took place. Most groups left to return to their hotels and grab a bite to eat. When they returned for session 5, the Passion Band performed before Christine Caine spoke. Christine started the A21 Foundation to combat human trafficking. Her motivating sermon discussed the audience doing God’s will for their lives and not waiting any longer to do so. Her humor provided a comfortable and light atmosphere but not enough to distract from the seriousness of her words. The band Crowder ended the night in a concert-like atmosphere.

The last session took place at 9:30 the next morning, where Louie Giglio closed out the conference. Louie encouraged students to seek God before relationships, in hope that it will naturally happen according to God’s will. He encouraged students to go out and carry their fire for Christ to the schools and universities. 

Senior Grace Slatery said, “My favorite part was definitely the worship. I thought it was really cool how everyone in the arena was there for the same reason and listening to the sound of people worshiping around me really moved my heart.”

Passion tickets for 2019-2020 are currently on sale, and can be purchased at https://268generation.com/passion2020/. Instead of four different venues, the conference will be held at one location, the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Senior Camden Alcorn, who traveled with a group of seniors from Southland Christian Church, said, “Passion 2019 both challenged my faith while supplying me with tools to help it grow. The speakers were all interesting and presented new spins on old stories I had heard before. I cannot recommend going enough, it’s too good to miss!”

The Passion Conference is not a largely advertised event at LCA. The only way students may have had prior knowledge about the event is due to the testimonies of past seniors who participated. When arriving back to school from the trip, many students commented that they wished they could have gone but did not know much about it.

On Wednesday, January 9, students who went on the 2019 conference shared their thoughts on Passion in chapel, in hopes to encourage the participation of students no matter where they were on their spiritual walk.