Pops Concert Brings a Christmas Celebration to Remember

Mary Wortz
The Cast of “The Joy of Christmas.”

Christmas is nearing which means the LCA Choir Christmas concert is here. Although, contrary to past Christmas chorus concerts, this year the choir is combining their traditional pops concert, also known as Cabaret, with the Christmas concert. The show is titled, “The Joy of Christmas.” Packed with lots of singing and dancing, the show is highlights the many talents of the student singers. Seniors Cate Crosbie and Peyton Wortz stretched beyond their vocal talents to choreograph all the numbers in the show. Cate said, “I’m so incredibly proud of my peers! It has definitely been a challenge, but seeing the show come to together has been so rewarding. I am so grateful for my best friend Peyton who kept me sane. Without her, this show would not have happened.”

The cast performed “The Joy of Christmas” to packed houses both Thursday and Friday, and appealed to all ages. It was full of ‘joy,’ indeed. Songs from Frozen, ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,’ and ‘Carol of the Bells,’ were just a few of many great songs performed. Kids from 7th grade all the way up to 12th grade are involved in choir and this year’s show. This year was freshman Leighton Michelle’s first year being a part of the pops concert. She shared her feelings about being a member of the cast. “I love Cabaret. I think it is so much fun! I wish I could be in the after school ensemble, though, because I thing that would be so fun as well.” “The Joy of Christmas” was a huge success and brought so much joy to anyone who was able to see it.