Overlooked ‘Baby Driver’ is Worth Seeing

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Hello and welcome back to another movie review. This week’s movie is no in theaters but is available on Amazon. Our lucky movie is Baby Driver directed by Edgar Wright and starring a huge cast consisting of Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Eiza Gonzalez, Jon Hamm, and Jamie Foxx. Baby Driver was probably the most underrated movie of 2017 and was completely overlooked by the Hollywood elites. This movie, in my opinion, will be remembered 20 years from now more than every other movie of 2017 besides Get Out. Baby Driver is about a getaway driver named Baby who works for Doc, a criminal kingpin to whom Baby owes a debt. When a heist goes terribly wrong, Baby is forced to go on his own and save the ones he loves before other criminals kill him or his loved ones. The biggest stand outs in Baby Driver are the editing and soundtrack. While the acting, writing, and directing are great, the editing and soundtrack separate Baby Driver from all other movies. Music is constantly playing in Baby Driver and every sound or action goes along with the music like its own choreography. When the heist crew goes to pick up guns and Baby plays Tequila, the guns and explosions match the beat of the soundtrack perfectly. The soundtrack also expresses Baby’s feeling and personality. When ever there is a heist, Baby has to have his music playing to be able to focus and concentrate. When Baby is sad, the song Easy by the Commodores pops up telling the viewer that Baby has feelings and wants out of the life crime that he is in. I highly recommend you see this movie, Baby Driver is an action packed crime movie that has changed  the way to make a movie.

Note: This movie is rated R and contains some objectionable language.