Something A Little Different for Christmas Chapel

Christmas Chapel was quite a sight, this year, even if it was not what students had come to expect.  Traditionally, Christmas Chapel has been a time to enjoy silly games, candy throwing, and the classic ugly sweater contest.  This year started with a more somber tone, but that did not mean there was not fun to come.  Chapel opened with a heartfelt talk from Mr.Sisk, who had brain surgery recently. He thanked students for their prayers the previous week. From there, the combined band and orchestra played their newest music, including their rendition of the Grinch who Stole Christmas, with Isaiah Prewitt, 12, using his deep voice to sing as the Grinch.  By student request, students sang carols that included Silent Night, where many students turned on their flashlights and waved their phones in the air.  A-Ray and his daughter also went on stage to sing the duet, Mary, Did You Know?  The cast of the chorus Christmas concert sang a number from the show.  However, Inside Joke stole the show with their surprise performance of parody rap songs, dad bods and ridiculous dance moves.  Many juniors thought it would be a good idea to start shoving people in a mosh pit type scenario. “It was wild; I think someone like broke some lights,” commented one junior who would like to remain anonymous.  A circuit breaker did trip, bringing the performance to a momentary lull, but it was quickly repaired so the show could go on. After this atrocity, Senior Chaplin Camden Alcorn brought it back down to more of a Christmas spirit and a giving attitude with his message about stepping out in faith and trying to make a difference.