The End of No Shave November

Lisa Collins
No Shave November Participants. (Standing) Mr. Matthews, Trey Hood, 11, Harrison Settles, 11, Drew Long, 11, Chase Sacca, 12, Coach Ray, Erik Burroughs, 10, Blane Hardin, 12, Isaiah Prewitt, 12, A-Ray, Thomas White, 10, Mr. Small, Mr. Cross, Mr. Jaeger, Jack Byer, 10, Coach Galloway. (Seated) Mr. Gifford, Gavin Howard, 10, Will Vernon, 10, Zach Scott, 12, Zachary Feller, 10.

As November comes to a close, beards are grown, and some are not. Out of the boys who decided to participate in the fundraising event that allowed them to put down their razors for the month, only a select few could actually grow a full beard. Faculty members who took up the challenge faired much better. To celebrate the end of the month, Spiritual Life Director Adam Ray invited students and teachers with approved facial hair on stage to display the results. There was a vote for best and worst beard. Most of the school was rooting for Senior Chase Sacca to win, but for some reason, the Senior who couldn’t even grow a stubble, Caleb Harper ended up not only winning best beard, but worst beard as well. Although I think we can all agree Coach Ray takes the cake on this challenge, it was fun to see the high school boys take a shot at a sign of manhood, and it was all for a great cause. All of the proceeds from No Shave November, and No Polo November, went directly to Dance Blue.  According to Adam Ray, between No Shave and No Polo November, the high school raised about $4,000.

Honorable Mentions:

Mr. Small

Mr. Cross

Harrison Settles

Mr. Matthews

A Ray