Are Students Fans of the Week Long Break?

For the first time in LCA history, Thanksgiving break extended to an entire week. While initially students were not a fan of this plan, due to the elimination of fall break, many students thoroughly enjoyed the week long period of relaxation. Although this was many students’ opinion, some still preferred a fall break and the normal length of Thanksgiving break.

Several students were asked of their thoughts as well as how they spent their week long break.

Senior Julia Lawson said, “This Thanksgiving break I had a ton of free time where I could just hang out with my friends, see movies, visit with family, go out to eat, and shop. Overall it was very relaxing and a much needed break from the daily grind. Although I enjoyed the week long Thanksgiving break instead of the normal 3 day break I am accustomed to, I missed having a fall break as I feel like August to November is too long of a time without having any breaks!”

Another senior, Reagan Newman, had an opposing opinion. “I thought having a week instead of two short breaks allowed me to have more time to relax and unwind from the start of my senior year. I got to spend more time with family that I don’t get to see enough and that means more to me than having an extra break”.

Senior Rich Hamlin leaned more with Lawson’s take. “Over Thanksgiving break, I stayed home and spent time with my family and friends. I didn’t like Thanksgiving break took away fall break because I like to have breaks spaced out.”

While some believed the majority of students would fall in favor of the week long break, an unexpected majority wished for the two day fall break. The week off provided adequate times for students to rest and recover from the vigorous year, as well as give seniors time to finish any upcoming deadlines for college admission and scholarships. But not having a significant break between August and November took a toll of students and many missed the two day break to recharge. But, with finals around the corner, the week off gave students the recharge necessary for the craze that comes with those last few weeks.

Despite the differing opinions, the beloved two week long Christmas break is in two weeks. Students never have a differing of opinion when it comes to this break, and will be thoroughly enjoyed by the entire school.