Christmas Before Thanksgiving?

Erin Oliver, Editor

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Forget the division caused by the 2016 presidential election, recent Kavanaugh hearing, and Kentucky 2018 Midterm elections. The real division lies during this time of year: Should Christmas be celebrated before Thanksgiving?

People have already been bombarded with gift ads, Christmas lists, and peppermint mochas, all before the month of October even finished. Culture seems to take a staunch position in favor to the question.

But many people, especially traditionalists, often get upset when today’s culture advocates for celebrating the holiday before Thanksgiving. They find that Thanksgiving is brushed over, which demonstrates society’s ungrateful nature.

Various students have shared their personal opinions on this heated matter.   

Senior Gretchen Casper noted, “I support it, but I have to celebrate it after Halloween.”

Katherine Childers, another senior, is much of a strong supporter of recognizing Christmas before Thanksgiving, and is even already listening to Christmas music.

“I don’t understand why there are ‘rules’ on when we can begin to celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a time of joy that should be celebrated for as long as desired.”

Most students given this question to ponder advocated for celebrating Christmas early on, but others expressed their differing opinions.

Isaiah Pruitt, another senior said, “I think Christmas should be celebrated after Thanksgiving, because Christmas comes after Thanksgiving.”

“I think you can celebrate it whenever you want leading up to it but not so much until you get burnt out,” explained senior Charlotte Fults.

She explained how the stress and focus of finals causes students to not be able to enjoy the Christmas season before the two week break.

“I could care less,” said senior Lucas Shorter. He explained how this should not even be an issue and that if people want to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving then they should, and if they do not then they don’t. He does not find the debate worth getting into.

As the week long Thanksgiving break begins in a few short days, the celebration of Christmas becomes more obvious and encouraged. With Black Friday coming up even right after Thanksgiving supper ends, Christmas is in full swing, whether America is ready or not.

‘Tis the season.