Thanksgiving Traditions Take Center Stage During Upcoming Week-long Break


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Thanksgiving.  It is an American tradition, a time for family and friends, heaps of home-cooked food, and football. America is the home of diversity and that includes our traditions. This holiday means something different for everyone. Many of the families and staff here at LCA have a variety of traditions. For example, Sarah Grace White, 11, likes to mix holidays. “For Thanksgiving, we all just eat dinner together, and then after dinner we go pick out our Christmas tree and drink apple cider.”Sarah Grace is not the only family to look toward Christmas, even before Thanksgiving is over. LCA is known for getting an early start on Christmas, just take a look at Mrs. Payne’s room!

There is no shortage of hunters at LCA, and they work their hobby into the holiday. Some of their traditions are to get their turkey themselves. Maria Day, 11, describes her family’s Thanksgiving. “I go to my grandma’s house and we go hunting for our turkey, and then after a long day of hunting, we all eat dinner.” Of course there are some silly traditions as well; Mr. Wesley said that, “growing up, my sister would make pilgrim hats for the whole family out of construction paper; until she was in college. One year we just had to tell her that it was starting to get weird.” And then of course, we have the classic traditions. Junior Brennan Graham’s tradition is: “My whole family just gets together and we all go to my grandmother’s house and eat dinner.”

There is nothing that beats sitting around a table with your whole family, with a turkey, at your grandmother’s house. Thanksgiving is a fun holiday that reminds us why we should be thankful. What started as a ‘peace’ dinner between Pilgrims and Native Americans, has resulted in just that. Surrounded by friends, and loved ones, counting our blessings.