Theatre Club Presents “Radium Girls”

Dawson Simpson

This weekend, November 9 and 10, the LCA Theatre Club is hosting a production of the play “Radium Girls,” which is based on a true story. These ‘Radium Girls,” Grace Fryer, Kathryn Schaub, and Irene Rudolph, were female factory workers who obtained radiation poisoning from a painting with radium-laced paint. Tragically, these women all died from radium poisoning. One of these women’s grave is still radioactive to this very day. The story takes place during World War I and at a time when radium was used in self-luminous paints for watches.

The Theatre Club has been working on the play for months now. The students playing the main characters are Kiarah Higgins, 12, (Grace Fryer), Mackenzie Wilmoth, 10, (Kathryn Schaub), Tori Turton, 9,  (Irene Rudolph). Juniors Davis McIntire and Maggie Epling are the producers of the play. Davis stated, “We’ve all worked really hard on this, and devoted a lot of time towards it, and it’s based on a true story so I hope everyone enjoys it.” The tickets for “Radium Girls” cost $10, and 20 percent of the proceeds will go directly towards Dance Blue, which supports pediatric cancer patients. There will be a show Friday at seven o’clock pm, and two shows on Saturday: two pm and seven pm. Maggie stated, “we’re really proud of everybody and we hope everyone comes and supports Dance Blue. Dr. Fults has been our teacher sponsor, and she’s given up a lot of time to be able support us.”

There has been a book written about Grace Fryer, which included her legacy. In The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women, by Kate Moore, Fryer is described as “the girl who fought on when all hope seemed gone; the woman who stood up for what was right, even as her world fell apart. Grace Fryer, who inspired so many to stand up for themselves.”