How You Can Help as Community Rallies Around Injured Officer

On September 11, Scott County Sheriff’s Deputy Jaime Morales was shot in the line of duty during an exchange of gunfire in Georgetown, Kentucky. This hits home for LCA, as two members of the staff know Officer Morales personally. Morales’ injuries are severe; he is paralyzed from the chest down with no feeling in his legs. He has recently been moved to a rehab facility in Louisville, although he hopes to return to work. Mrs. Jarvis, a Biology teacher knows Officer Morales and has been amazed with how the Scott County community has really come together to support him during this difficult time. She said that, “Everywhere I go, I see people wearing ‘#217 strong shirts,’ which is his officer number. It’s really that small town feel of everybody doing everything they can to help out.” Many businesses have been hosting fundraisers and donating a percentage of earnings to help pay for new home modifications he will need.

Detective Eddie Hart is another member of the LCA staff who personally knows Deputy Morales. Detective Hart works on the force with Morales and has been helping Morales with anything he may need. Detective Hart spoke about the fact that this was the first time an officer in Scott County has been this severely injured in an exchange of gunfire. Detective Hart said that, “Next year people will forget about this, so we are doing everything we can now, so Jaime won’t have to worry about it in the future.” Members of the community have come together and they are going to build a home for Morales that is all wheelchair accessible. If you’re wondering how you can help out, the Sheriff’s office is selling t-shirts with “#217 strong” on them, and there is a website you can donate at (GoFundMe)