Sophomores Encounter The Ark

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On Tuesday October 16, the entire sophomore class went on a field trip to Noah’s Ark. More than 100 students loaded up buses for the hour-long trip to Williamstown in Northern Kentucky where they visited The Ark Encounter.  The exhibit is an Amish-built replica of Noah’s Ark, a biblical ship that is about 510 feet long and 51 feet high. The exhibit explains the importance of the Ark, and the story behind it. In the Bible, Noah was a good man living an evil world. God called Noah to build an Ark to save his family and animals on earth. Therefore, when God would flood the earth, creation would be saved. In 2016, the Ark opened for the public and LCA administrators decided to plan a trial trip with the previous sophomore class, students who are now seniors. The test showed that sophomores could handle the responsibility of the one-day experience and there was nothing but positive feedback. So, LCA made it an official annual field trip for the sophomore classes each year. 

This year’s trip proved to be another successful one. The entire class grew together and had a great time doing so. Hailey Cooke says, “It was fun to see what amazing things God can build through someone. It strengthened my relationship with Christ and my friends.” 

The Ark Encounter also features several other amenities that the sophomore class enjoyed. One of the more popular ones was an artificial ice skating rink. This was a big hit with the sophomore class. Thomas White explained his experience on the “Glice.” He said, ” It was fun, but I fell a lot.” Another sophomore, Clay Allison, says his favorite part was “watching everyone fall while ice skating,” which was thankfully nonexistent when the first class of students went!  Overall, the Ark Encounter gave the sophomores a chance to get away from school for an engaging Biblical experience with several other fun activities to make the trip enjoyable.