Student Entrepreneurs Get an Early Start in Business

Note:  This article is one in a series of feature stories written by journalism students.

October 27, 2018

How in the world can a teenager possibly run a business? These are the types of questions that young entrepreneurs are faced with in the business community. Here at LCA we have some young business savvy students, who own their own company’s. Haidyn Chudy (senior), Matthew Noss (junior), and Evan Byers (junior), are upperclassmen at LCA who run their own companies, all while juggling schoolwork, sports, and managing a growing business.

The oldest of these entrepreneurs is Haidyn Chudy. Haidyn is a senior here at LCA and owns a business by the name of “Southern Belle Glitz”. Southern Belle Glitz is a jewelry business which specializes in bridal, boutique and pageant jewelry. Haidyn started working for her boss Natalie, who at the time owned Southern Belle Glitz, her freshman year. This past summer her boss moved away and Haidyn bought the business and has been running it on her own. Haidyn enjoys running her business but says “It’s really hard trying to figure out how to juggle school and a full time job.” Haidyn has the intent of growing her business and she hopes to major in business finance and pre law in college, and also wants to get her NBA and a law degree specializing in business law. Owning her own business has taught her “that sometimes you just can’t mix business with friendships, and once you get money, it can change the people closest to you.” Haidyn is on the fast track to a successful career in the business industry, and hopes to one-day franchise her business.

Matthew Noss is another entrepreneur at LCA that has been growing his business for the past couple of years. Matthew owns a lawn care business called “MC lawn care”. Initially Matthew started mowing lawns as a way to make money, because he didn’t want to have a set schedule to follow and mowing lawns and manual labor has always been something he has been fond of. Matthew started his business with a friend, who then went to college, so they split up and Matthew runs MC lawn care on his own and has about two to three people working for him every day. Although there are some things Matthew says he wish he would have known before starting his own business. “I wish I would have known how much money its costs to run a successful business. I spend an average of 200 dollars a week on gas for all my equipment.” Matthew hopes to further his business education in college, and go on to own more successful businesses in the future.

Another one of LCA’s junior class entrepreneurs is Evan Byers. Evan runs his own business called “Droptines Hunting”. Droptines Hunting is a hunting apparel business. Evan says he started his own business because “I loved the idea of making money off something I created and seeing people wear my creation.” Evan said that his dad has been very influential and supportive of Evan and his business. Although Evan explained that he’s just not quite ready to expand his business yet. “I wish I would have known to be more patient in getting started and to know that it takes time to develop new ideas and not to get frustrated.” Evan is very consumed with baseball and that is one of his main focuses right now. Nonetheless, Evan does thing that majoring in business would be one of his top choices and he truly enjoys it.

Owning your own business as a teenager can be overwhelming, stressful, and just hard to manage at some times. Each year the amount of teenage entrepreneurs grows rapidly. According to “Harvard Business Review”, eight out of ten kids want to be their own boss, and four out of ten want to start their own business. Today’s generation is getting a completely different work experience than past generations. Kids today are striving to be innovators, and to create something special. Haidyn, Matthew, and Evan all display vast characteristics of young innovators and will go on to achieve great things in the business industry,

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