‘First Man’ Does the Moon Landing Proud

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‘First Man’ Does the Moon Landing Proud

Gabe Smith, Staff Writer

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Hello and Welcome back to another weekly movie review. This week is First Man, directed by Damien Chazelle and starring Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, the first man ever to set foot on the moon. Claire Foy stars as Janet Sharon, Neil’s first wife. The movie takes place during the space race of the 1960’s and focuses on Neil Armstrong and his journey to become the first man to land on the moon. Claire Foy does an outstanding job as Janet Sharon, helping the audience understand what it was like being an astronaut’s wife at a time when astronauts in the NASA program seemed to be dying left and right. Chazelle does a great job directing as he shows the difficulty of being in the NASA program and NASA’s fight to keep from being shut down by Congress. Gosling’s acting is spot on as he portrays a man struggling as his friends die from failed NASA projects. This is in addition to raising a family while working for a program where failure is almost sure to happen. The highlight of the entire film is the most important part… the moon landing scene. This was maybe one of the best sequences since the D-day scenes in Saving Private Ryan. The depiction of the moon landing combines suspense, a stellar soundtrack, great cinematography and editing. In addition, it is well written and acted. Gosling gives the audience a spectacular movie scene that caps off the space race and America’s win over the Russians. My guest was my dad again and he said, “It was slow at times but it was a great movie. Gosling’ acting was great as well as Claire Foy’s.” I couldn’t have said it better.  I give First Man a solid 4 our of 4 stars and two big thumbs up. I would recommend you go see this movie as it gives the moon landing a movie it deserves.

Possible awards:

Best actor, Ryan Gosling

Best supporting actor, Claire Foy

Best movie

Best director, Damien Chazelle

Best original score Justin Hurwitz

Best cinematography, Linus Sandgren

Best editing, Tom Cross